Fair and Competitive Livestock and Poultry Markets

Docket Number: AMS-FTPP-21-0046
Comments Due: August 27, 2024


The Fair and Competitive Livestock and Poultry Markets Proposed Rule would provide clarity regarding the interpretation of “unfair” under section 202(a) of the P&S Act for the USDA, courts, and private parties to further the understanding of what conduct the P&S Act prohibits. This proposed rule, if finalized, would provide a workable guideline on how the prohibitions on unfair practices will operate and be enforced. AMS would use the guideline to fulfill its statutory obligation to ensure fair and competitive national livestock and poultry markets and ensure livestock producers and poultry growers receive the full value for their products and services. Fairer, more competitive markets enable greater choice, quality, and fairer prices in the meat and poultry processing markets, delivering benefits for working family consumers of meat and poultry.

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Following publication of the proposed rule in the Federal Register, interested persons are invited to submit comments concerning this notice by using the electronic process available at https://www.regulations.gov/ . All comments should reference the document number and the date and page number of this issue of the Federal Register. All comments submitted in response to this notice will be posted without change, including any personal information provided, at https://www.regulations.gov/ and will be included in the record and made available to the public.


S. Brett Offutt, Chief Legal Officer/Policy Advisor, Packers and Stockyards Division, USDA AMS Fair Trade Practices Program, 1400 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC  20250; Phone: (202) 690-4355; or email: s.brett.offutt@usda.gov.

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