Delivery and Shipping Standards for Cotton Warehouses

Docket Number: AMS-FTPP-18-0085
Comments Due: May 6, 2019


The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) proposes to amend the regulations that specify the requirements for CCC-approved warehouses storing and handling cotton. The amendment would change how warehouse operators account for bales made available for shipment (BMAS) and how CCC determines BMAS compliance. The current regulation allows bales that are made available for shipment by the warehouse operator but not picked up (BNPU) by the shipper to count for up to two reporting weeks when calculating and reporting BMAS for the reporting week. This amendment proposes to limit BNPU to be counted for one week, with BMAS to include only bales actually shipped or not picked up for that reporting week. CCC also proposes to allow two additional options for the warehouse operator to meet the 4.5% cotton flow requirement by averaging either the BMAS for the reporting week and the week prior to the reporting week, or by averaging the BMAS for the reporting week and the week after the reporting week. In addition, CCC proposes to amend the regulations to reflect the transfer of warehouse programs and activities from USDA's Farm Service Agency to AMS in 2018.

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