Award of Designations and Designation Amendments to Class X or Class Y Weighing Services under the United States Grain Standards Act

Docket Number: AMS-FGIS-22-0020
Effective Date:  November 10, 2022


The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is announcing designation awards of Amarillo Grain Exchange, Inc. (Amarillo); J.W. Barton Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (Barton); Cairo Grain Inspection Agency, Inc. (Cairo); Champaign-Danville Grain Inspection Departments, Inc. (Champaign); Detroit Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (Detroit); Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection and Weighing Service, Inc. (Eastern Iowa); Enid Grain Inspection Company, Inc. (Enid); Farwell Commodity and Grain Services, Inc. (Farwell Southwest); Fremont Grain Inspection Department, Inc. (Fremont); Keokuk Grain Inspection Service (Keokuk); Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Louisiana); Michigan Grain Inspection Services, Inc. (Michigan); Omaha Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (Omaha); Maryland Department of Agriculture (Maryland); North Carolina Department of Agriculture (North Carolina); North Dakota Grain Inspection Services, Inc. (North Dakota); Northeast Indiana Grain Inspection, Inc. (Northeast Indiana); Northern Plains Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (Northern Plains); Plainview Grain Inspection and Weighing Service, Inc. (Plainview); D. R. Schaal Agency, Inc. (Schaal); Sioux City Inspection and Weighing Service Company (Sioux City); State Grain Inspection, Inc. (State Grain); and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (Utah) to provide official services under the United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA), as amended. The West Lafayette, Indiana area previously serviced by Titus Grain Inspection, Inc. (Titus), will now be serviced by two current official agencies: Champaign and North Dakota, as detailed below. AMS also announces that the designations of Plainview and Sioux City are amended to include Class X and Class Y weighing services.


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