Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposals, Submissions, and Approvals

Docket Number: AMS-LP-20-0070
Comments Due: November 30, 2020


In accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35), this notice announces the Agricultural Marketing Service's (AMS) intention to request approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for an extension of the currently approved information collection used to compile and generate the Federally Inspected Estimated Daily Slaughter Report. Upon approval of this information collection, AMS will request approval from the OMB to merge this collection, “Plan for Estimating Daily Livestock Slaughter Under Federal Inspection” (OMB 0581-0050), with the currently approved information collection titled “Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News” (OMB 0186-0033). Both collections are directed and authorized by the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (7 U.S.C. 1621-1627), and rely on voluntary cooperation with the livestock industry to collect and disseminate marketing information, utilizing the same information gathering tactics.

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Additional Information or Comments: Comments should be submitted electronically at Comments may also be submitted to Charlie Potts, Officer in Charge, Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Division, Livestock and Poultry Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; STOP 0252; 1400 Independence Avenue SW.; Room 2619-S; Washington, DC 20250-0252. All comments should reference docket number AMS-LP-20-0070 and note the date and page number of this issue of the Federal Register.

Submitted comments will be available for public inspection at or at the above address during regular business hours. Comments submitted in response to this Notice will be included in the records and will be made available to the public. All comments received will be posted without change, including any personal information provided.


Charlie Potts, Officer in Charge, Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News Division, AMS, USDA, by telephone at (816) 676-7000, or via email at

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