Technical Training

FGIS's provides extensive training throughout the official inspection system to ensure that uniform, accurate results at all locations. FGIS also offers customized industry education services to facilitate the marketing of grain in commercial channels. Education topics include the visual grading of any grain, rice, bean, pea, or lentil and objective, non-visual quality tests such as protein, oil, and mycotoxins.

Industry education services can be obtained locally through Official Service Providers and FGIS Field Offices, provided adequate equipment and facilities are available. In addition, FGIS provides free online educational courses to the public.

Training Fees for Industry Education

Contact your local Service Provider for fees for onsite/local training they provide. 

Fees for onsite/local training provided by FGIS are established from the Grain Grading Seminar hourly rate in the current schedule of Service Fees and Billing Codes (pdf) and are assessed based on the number of hours and instructors required. The number of students and type of training requested influences the number of instructors needed.

Consumable Material Surcharge: Some training, will require the purchase of consumable materials (mycotoxin/biotechnology test kits), which the student will use during training. The cost of the consumable materials will be added to the base fee for the training session.