QAD Questions and Answers - Supplier Evaluations

Q1: Who is a supplier?

A: A supplier is any person or entity that provides a product or a service or information which is used within the program.  A supplier may be internal or external to the organization.  Examples include the producer who supplies live animals; the company who supplies ISO-compliant ear tags; the company who supplies age verification information.

Q2: Does the USDA PVP & QSA require onsite supplier evaluations and re-evaluations for producers, dairy calf ranches, backgrounders, stockers, feedyards, auction markets, and non-regulated feed mills?

A: Yes.  Refer to QAD Guidance #GU7309CCA posted at:

Q3. Does the USDA PVP and QSA require onsite supplier evaluations and re-evaluations for feed suppliers and tag manufactures?

A. No; however, the evaluation and re-evaluation must be sufficient to verify conformance to the program requirements.  Note: Feed suppliers in this instance are those in which manufactured feed is obtained, such as a regulated feed mill, cooperative, local elevator, feed store, etc.

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