AMS-GD-2020-13 - Licensing

The contents of this web page do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. The following is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.

  1. I have passed all tests. Why is the license not appearing on my FOL profile?

    If you believe that a license should be awarded and it does not appear on your license profile in the FOL program, the most likely cause is that all tests have not been either passed or waived. Usually it is one of the “Initial License Type Exams” which are missing.  These exams need to be either passed or waived under each License Type before a license for the specific License Type will be awarded.

    The FOL program HELP Page contains a list of all tests which are needed for each License Type. To identify if all tests needed have been either passed or waived in a profile, go to the Exam History tab.  This tab lists all of the tests which have ever been uploaded for the specific profile.  If all tests needed for a license are identified as “Passed” or “Waived” a license will be awarded.  If all tests needed are not on the list and/or are not all identified as “Passed” or “Waived”, the test(s) which is missing must be either passed or waived.
  2. I cannot get a license test to open in the FOL program.  Why?

    A license test is available for 60 days.  After 60 days it will automatically close down.  The test will need to be uploaded again if it must be passed.
  3. How can I obtain a level 2 e-authentication?

    Use this URL  and select “Create a Level 2 Customer Account from the site-list.  This page also contains a link called “Frequently Asked Questions” which includes a good explanation of the process and what to expect.
  4. My name is not available on a “proctor drop-down” list in the FOL program. I do not hold the license for the function.  Can I choose any name on the proctor list and then proctor the test?

    A proctor must always choose their own name when proctoring a test.  The FOL program is the official documentation of the licensing program.  Falsifying official information is not allowed.
  5. My name is included on the proctor list for a test. I do not hold the license associated with the identified test.  Can I select my name as the proctor, even though I do not hold the license?

    If a function is not listed on a person’s License Info tab in the FOL program, a person cannot proctor a test for the function – even though their name is identified on the proctor list for the function.  There is one exception to this rule.  A person with an Inspector Type license is included on every proctor list under a specific Act because an Inspector has “hidden” Technician Type functions which are licensed through their Inspector Type license under a specific Act. An example of this is the USGSA Moisture function and the USGSA Test-weight function.  The tests for these two functions must be passed in order to gain an USGSA Inspector Type License. The license for these two functions are not identified on the inspector’s License Info tab after the tests for these functions are passed through an Inspector Type test. To allow an inspector to proctor these “hidden” functions, all names of individuals holding an Inspector Type license under a specific Act have been added to all proctor lists under the Act. This situation only allows a person with an Inspector License Type license to proctor their “hidden” licenses in addition to the identified licenses listed on their License Info tab.  A person cannot proctor any function tests where they do not hold the license on their License Info tab or hold the “hidden license” through an inspector type license.
  6. Is a “FGIS Contracted Person’s” profile listed under the “FGIS personnel database” in the FOL program or is it listed under the “Licensed personnel database”?

    FGIS Contracted Personnel are listed under the Licensed Personnel database.  FGIS Contracted Personnel must pass tests plus hold a license for every function they conduct.  The portion of the FOL program which contains the FGIS personnel database does not have the ability for a person to take a test in order to gain a licensed function.  The portion of the FOL program which contains the Licensed Personnel database does contain the ability to take a test and gain a licensed function.
  7. Can I use the Color Vision test, which is located on the internet, for official testing?

    The S. Ishihara Color Vision test is the only color vision test authorized by AMS/FGIS. This is the only color vision test which may be used for official license testing.  This test must be viewed using the color vision plates only. The online version cannot be used. The color on computer monitors is not regulated and may not portray the true colors.
  8. I accidentally selected someone else’s name as a proctor when I proctored a test.  Is this OK?

    The FOL program is the official record of the AMS/FGIS licensing program. To select a name other than the name of the true proctor will falsify the record.  The FOL program will not allow a change of a proctor’s name after the test is opened. If the proctor selects a name other than their own as the proctor and the person is not able to change the proctor name, the test must be retaken with the true proctor’s name selected.  The second test results, with the correct proctor name, is identified as the true test results.
  9. I have a new employee to enter into the FOL program. Does the paper copy of the FGIS 944, “Application for License under the United States Grain Standards Act (USGSA) and/or the Agricultural Marketing Act (AMA) of 1946” still need to be completed and maintained in the license files?

    The form FGIS 944 “Application for License Under the United States Grain Standards Act and/or the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946” must be completed prior to requesting a license through the FOL program.  This form is the signed, official document for the application of a license under the USGSA and/or the AMA.  Either or both of the USGSA and AMA Acts may be selected when making the initial application.  The signatures are what designate this as the official copy. Information from the signed FGIS 944 is copied into the FOL program. The official copy of the FGIS 944 is to be maintained in the Agency files.  A copy of the completed file does not need to be sent to AMS/FGIS.
  10. I have an active license and I can access the USGSA tests but the AMA tests are not available. How can I get this fixed?

    You will need to activate the AMA set of licenses.  If you did not select the AMA License when completing the paper copy of the FGIS 944 -“Application for License Under the United States Grain Standards Act and/or the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946” for the USGSA license, you will need to complete another paper copy of the FGIS 944 for the AMA license and then maintain it in the agency files.  Information recorded on the official copy of the FGIS 944 is entered into the FOL program when requesting access to the AMA tests.

    To request access to the AMA tests, select “Activate” on the “License Info” tab located on the applicant’s profile in the FOL program. Copy the answers to the conflict of interest questions from the FGIS 494 for the AMA license. Once this is submitted, the AMA test questions will become available.
  11. I would like to get some information on an employee from another agency, whom we are considering hiring.  Will you be able to identify the licenses which the person holds?

    FGIS does not share information on agencies or agency personnel.  A person is always free to contact an agency directly with any questions on their licensed personnel.


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