AMS-GD-2020-40 - Triticale and Rye

  1. Do kernels affected by Black-tip fungus function as damage?

    Yes, if they meet the wheat VRI W-1.0.
  2. Can heat damage ever exceed the DKT percentage?

    No. Since heat and DKT are determined on different portion sizes, it is possible to have heat exceed DKT. However, when this occurs the DKT should be adjusted to equal heat.
  3. If Thins exceed the limit for U.S. No. 3, does the sample grade a U.S. No. 4 or Sample grade?

    U.S. No. 4. The factor “thins” is a limiting grading factor for U.S. No. 1, 2, and 3 only. Consequently, samples containing more than 25% thins (maximum limit for No. 3) would receive a U.S. No. 4 designation.
  4. The determination of stones is determined after the removal dockage. Does this mean that the weight of the dockage has to be subtracted from the original weight of the sample to calculate the percent of stones?

    Yes. Since stones are determined on the weight of the sample after the removal of dockage the dockage weight has to be subtracted from the original weight to calculate the percent of stones.

    Original weight                         = 1033 grams
    Dockage                                   = 32.48 grams)
    Dockage free sample weight     = 1033 – 32 (32.48 rounded)
                                                    = 1001 grams


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