AMS-GD-2020-34 - Peas

  1. Are fall planted pea varieties, which appear similar in color (i.e., Whistler, Specter) to Smooth Yellow Dry Peas (SYDP), classed as Mottled Dry Peas?

    . No. Peas similar in color to SYDP are classed as SYDP. In an effort to preserve class purity and permit new and future winter dry pea releases to be certified as being Smooth Yellow or Smooth Green Dry Peas, GIPSA reviewed the current marketing standards, identified the restrictive language, and rephrased the definitions to be more inclusive. The class Mottled Dry Peas are dry peas of Austrian winter pea type and other peas which have colored or distinctively mottled seed coats which contain not more than 1.5 percent of other classes.
    NOTE: The factor, “Bleached Peas” is not a grading factor for the class Mottled Dry Peas.


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