Tips for Searching for Market News Reports

The Market News Search offers similar functionality to an Advanced Search, but it limits the search results to Market News TXT and PDF reports.

Search for a specific report number:

  • Enter the report number in the three boxes at the top of the page. For LM_CT115, enter “LM” in the first box, “CT” in the second box and “115” in the third box. The report number is not case sensitive.

  • Set the document type to “Text”. While the search will still work using the default setting of “Both”, setting it to “Text” will increase the search speed.

  • Set the date range for the report that you are looking for. Only reports for the last five years are stored on the website. If you are in need of an older report, please contact the and your request will be directed to the correct office.

The Market News Search also provides additional options for reducing the total number of search results or for customizing the search results.

Limit your results with extra search options

  • Return results where specified keywords and phrases occur anywhere in the page, in the title of the page, or in the URL of the page. The Market News search performs a full-text search.

  • Return pages in either or both formats (Text or PDF).

  • Return results within a specific date range.

Choose how your search results display:

  • Choose the number of results you would like to view per page.

  • Sort the results by date or by title.

  • Sort the results either descending or ascending. Descending will display the most recent files at the top for Date order. For search results ordered by title, ascending will display the results in alphabetic order; descending will display the results in reverse alphabetic order.

When the search results display, there are a number of hyperlinks for each item in the search result.

  • The first link on the left is to a dated, historical version of the report. The date is the last 8 characters of the filename in the format: yyyymmdd

  • The second link from the left is to the “MNReports” version of the file. This will always be the latest version of the file. If you are setting a bookmark to the file, this is the link that you should bookmark.

  • The link on the far right, “Highlighted text”, displays a version of the file with the search terms each highlighted in a different color.