Market News Information by Phone

The system is accessible via a touch-tone telephone. By listening to the menu and pressing the appropriate numbers, you will have access to the latest CME Group daily pricing for cheese, NDM, butter, and dry whey, weekly domestic DMN dry product prices, and biweekly DMN international dairy product prices. Release day (s) and times (Central) are in parenthesis. (Holidays may affect release days and times.)

To use this service:

  • Dial 608-422-8602

Press 1 for:

  • CME Group Cash Prices (Daily-12:15 p.m.)
    • Cheese
    • NDM
    • Butter
    • Whey

Press 2 for:

  • DMN Domestic Dry Product Prices (TH-Weekly 11:00 a.m.)

Press 3 for:

  • DMN International Market Prices (TH-Biweekly 10:00 a.m.)