Yautia Inspection Instructions

There are no U.S. grade standards for Yautia. These instructions have been developed by the Specialty Crops Inspection Division to assist officially licensed inspectors in making inspections, writing certificates and to assist in the proper identification of specialty type fruits and vegetables.

Yautia (Taro Root, Old Coco Yam, Eddoe, Malanga, Dasheen, Tania, Tannia, Tanier, Eddoe, Woo Two, Suto Imo, Kulkus, Woo Doi, Yamarimo) Of all of the specialty root items contained in the handbook, the most confusion will be with this one. Taro is ~ member of the arum family and has many alternate names depending upon point of origin. From the South Pacific Islands it is known as "Taro." From the Caribbean and Latin American regions it is known as coco, eddoe, baddo, malanga, dasheen, tanier, tannia, and yautia, among others. It is used by many as a staple. In Hawaii, Poi is made from the starch of the taro.

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