Shelled Pistachio Nut Grades and Standards

Grades of Shelled Pistachio Nut
  1. U.S. Fancy, U.S. Extra No. 1, and U.S. No. 1 consists of pistachio kernels which meet the following requirements:
a) Well dried, or very well dried when specified in connection with the grade.
b) Free from:
1) Foreign material, including in-shell nuts, shells, or shell fragments.
c) Free from damage by:
1) Immature kernels;
2) Kernel spotting; and
3) Other defects.
d) Free from serious damage by:
1) Mold;
2) Minor insect or vertebrate injury;
3) Insect damage;
4) Rancidity;
5) Decay; and,
6) Other defects.
e) Unless otherwise specified, kernels shall meet the size classification of Jumbo Whole Kernels (See §51.2559).
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