Poultry Grading Shields

Poultry Grades


Poultry USDA Grade A Color Logo

U.S. grades are based on nationally uniform standards of quality developed by the Standardization Branch.  These standards promote uniformity and assurance of product quality on a continuous basis regardless of supplier.  The official USDA grade shield indicates the product's quality level.USDA poultry grading is a voluntary service paid for by poultry producers. As an independent third party, USDA is recognized for assuring that poultry meet the U.S. grade standards. While there are other grades, Grade A is the most common grade sold in supermarkets. What makes poultry products qualify for Grade A depends on the absence of “defects,” such as the presence of feathers or bruising and discoloration. As poultry is graded, it either meets Grade A criteria for quality or it is downgraded to lesser grades (B&C) depending on the number of defects.

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