Okra for Processing Grades and Standards

Grades of Okra for Processing

  1. U.S. No. 1 consists of pods of okra of similar varietal characteristics which are fresh, tender, fairly well colored, fairly well formed, free from decay and worm holes, and free from damage caused by scars, bruises, cuts, punctures, insects, discoloration, dirt or other foreign material or other means. Pods in this grade are at least fairly well trimmed, unless specified as well trimmed or poorly trimmed. (See Size, §51.3639.)

  2. U.S. No. 2 consists of pods of okra which meet the requirements of U.S. No. 1 grade except those for color, shape and trim. Okra in this grade may be pale green in color, moderately misshapen and poorly trimmed. (See Size, §51.3639.)

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