Muscadine Grapes Grades and Standards

Grades of Muscadine Grapes

  1. U.S. Extra No.1 Any lot of grapes may be designated as “U.S. Extra No. 1” when the grapes meet the requirements of U.S. No.1: Provided, That in addition to these requirements, 90 percent by count of the containers in the lot meet the requirements of Standard pack.

  2. U.S. No. 1 consists of individual grapes or multiple grapes attached by a capstem, which meet good soluble solids and the following requirements:

a. Basic requirements for berries:
1) Similar varietal characteristics (except when designated as assorted varieties);
2) Mature;
3) Well colored;
4) Clean;
5) Not excessively soft;
6) Not dried;
7) Not excessively wet from juice;
8) Not crushed, split or leaking; and,
b. Free from:
1) Decay;
2) Mold;
3) Insect larvae or holes caused by them;
4) Overripe;
5) Free from damage by any other cause. (See §51.802.)
c. Stems free from:
1) Mold
2) Decay
d. For tolerances see §51.792.

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