Fresh Cranberry Grades and Standards

Grades of Fresh Cranberries

  1. U.S. No.1 consists of cranberries which meet the following requirements:
    1. Basic requirements:
      1. One variety or similar varietal characteristics;
      2. Clean;
      3. Mature;
      4. Firm; and,
      5. Not soft or decayed.
    2. Free from damage caused by:
      1. Moisture;
      2. Bruises;
      3. Freezing;
      4. Smothering;
      5. Scarring;
      6. Sunscald;
      7. Foreign material;
      8. Disease;
      9. Insects; or,
      10. Mechanical or other means.
    3. Color: Individual cranberries shall be at least fairly well colored, and the cranberries in the container shall be fairly uniform in color.
    4. Size: Unless otherwise specified, the diameter of each cranberry shall be not less than thirteen thirty-seconds of an inch.
    5. Tolerances: In order to allow for variations incident to proper grading and handling in this grade, the following tolerances, by count, in any lot are provided:
      1. 3 percent for cranberries which fail to meet the size requirements;
      2. 5 percent for cranberries which fail to meet the remaining requirements of the grade, but not more than three-fifths of this amount, or 3 percent, shall be allowed for cranberries which are soft or decayed at shipping point: Provided, That an additional tolerance of 2 percent, or a total of not more than 5 percent, shall be allowed for soft or decayed berries en route or at destination; and,
      3. 5 percent for containers in which the cranberries fail to meet the requirements of fairly uniform in color.

Detailed standards, Inspection Instructions & Other Resources: