Filberts in the Shell Grades and Standards

Grades of Filberts in the Shell

  1. U.S. No. 1 consists of filberts in the shell which meet the following requirements:

    1. Similar type; and,

    2. Dry.

    3. Shells:

      1. Well formed; and,

      2. Clean and bright.

      3. Free from:

        1. Blanks; and,

        2. Broken or split shells.

      4. Free from damage caused by:

        1. Stains; and,

        2. Adhering husk; or,

        3. Other means.

    4. Kernels:

      1. Reasonably well developed; and,

      2. Not badly misshapen.

      3. Free from:

        1. Rancidity;

        2. Decay;

        3. Mold; and,

        4. Insect injury.

      4. Free from damage caused by:

        1. Shriveling; and,

        2. Discoloration; or,

        3. Other means.

    5. The size shall be specified in connection with the grade in terms of minimum diameter, minimum and maximum diameters, or in accordance with one of the size classifications in Table I.

    6. Tolerances: In order to allow for variations incident to proper grading and handling, the following tolerances, by count, are permitted as specified:

      1. For mixed types. 20 percent for filberts which are of a different type.

      2. For defects. 10 percent for filberts which are below the requirements of this grade: Provided, That not more than one-half of this amount or 5 percent shall consist of blanks, and not more than 5 percent shall consist of filberts with rancid, decayed, moldy or insect injured kernels, including not more than 3 percent for insect injury.

      3. For off-size. 15 percent for filberts which fail to meet the requirements for the size specified, but not more than two-thirds of this amount, or 10 percent shall consist of undersize filberts.

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