Dry Whey Grades and Standards

Dry Whey is the product resulting from drying fresh whey which has been pasteurized and to which nothing has been added as a preservative. It shall conform to the applicable provisions of 21 CFR 184.1979. It contains all constituents, except moisture, in the same relative proportions as in the whey.
Grades of Dry Whey
  1. U.S. Extra Grade dry whey conforms to the following requirements:
a. Flavor. Reconstituted whey shall have a normal whey flavor free from undesirable flavors, but may possess the following flavors to a slight degree: Bitter, fermented, storage, and utensil; and the following to a definite degree: feed and weedy. See Table I of this section.
b. Physical appearance. Dry whey shall possess uniform color. It shall be reasonably free flowing, be free from lumps except those that readily break up with slight pressure and be practically free from visible dark particles. See Table II of this section.
c. Bacterial estimate. Not more than 30,000 per gram standard plate count. See table III of this section.
d. Coliform count. Not more than 10 per gram. See table III of this section.
e. Milkfat content. Not more than 1.50 percent. See Table III of this section.
f. Moisture content. Not more than 5.0 percent. See table III of this section.
g. Scorched particles content. Not more than 15.0 mg. See table III of this section.
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