Coconuts Inspection Instructions

There are no U.S. Standards for Coconuts.  However, there are Puerto Rican Standards for "Dry Husked Coconuts" which are similar in form to most U.S. Standards.

Fresh coconuts are imported into the United States the year around. Heaviest imports are received from October through December. They are grown in most of the tropical countries, however, our main sources of supply are Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America, and the Pacific Islands. Fresh domestic shipments are generally made in heavy jute sacks although many coconuts are imported in bulk.
The nut consists of a hard woody shell enclosing the kernel or meat, within which is a cavity containing coconut liquid or milk. Covering the nut is a thick fibrous husk, however, this is generally removed unless the nuts are to be used for decorative purposes. In the shell of each nut are three eyes, one of which is softer and more easily perforated than the others and is the one that may sprout.

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