Chinese Cabbage Inspection Instructions

There are no U.S. grade standards for Chinese Cabbage. These instructions have been developed by the Specialty Crops Inspection Division to assist officially licensed inspectors in making inspections, writing certificates and to assist in the proper identification of specialty type fruits and vegetables.

Chinese Cabbage (Napa, Slew Choy, Pe-tsal, Won Bok, Shew Choy, Nappa, Wong Nga Paak, Pak Choy, Patchio) is another native of Asia and as a member of the same family as Bok Choy, it is probably the best known of the Asian vegetables. Twelve or more varieties of Chinese Cabbage are grown. These may be divided into two types. One type is characterized by its conspicuous compact, blanched head, whereas the other type is loose or nonheading. Both types will produce short and tall forms.

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