Cauliflower Grades and Standards

Grades of Cauliflower

  1. U.S. No. 1 consists of heads of cauliflower which meet the following requirements:
a. Basic requirements for curds:
1. Clean;
2. Compact;
3. Color -- white, creamy white, or cream, unless otherwise specified;
4. Size -- not less than 4 inches in diameter, unless marked to a maximum diameter of less than 4 inches. Cauliflower curds marked less than four inches may not be comingled with cauliflower curds packed to be 4 inches and larger. For marking requirements see §51.556.
b. Basic requirements for jacket leaves:
1. Fresh;
2. Closely trimmed, unless otherwise specified;
3. Fairly clean.
c. Free from:
1. Soft or wet decay.
d. Free from damage caused by:
1. Bruising;
2. Cuts;
3. Discoloration;
4. Enlarged bracts;
5. Fuzziness;
6. Hollow stem;
7. Insects;
8. Mold;
9. Riciness;
10. Wilting; and,
11. Other means.
e. Free from serious damage by any cause.
f. For tolerances (see §51.543).
  1. U.S. Commercial consists of heads of cauliflower which meet the requirements for the U.S. No. 1 grade except for the increased tolerances for defects specified in §51.543. 

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