Blueberries Grade and Standards

(a) These standards apply only to selected and hybrid varieties of the highbush (Vaccinium australe Small and Vaccinium corymbosum L.) and rabbiteye (Vaccinium ashei Reade) blueberries produced under cultivation, but not to other species of the genus Vaccinium nor to the true huckleberries of the genus Gaylussacia.

(b) Because of the size differences between varieties and the difference in size preference in various markets, there are no size requirements in the grade. Therefore, size will not be determined unless specifically requested by the applicant.

Grades of Blueberries 

  1. U.S. No. 1. - U.S. No. 1" consists of blueberries which meet the following requirements:
    1.  Basic Requirements:
      1. Similar varietal characteristics;
      2. Clean;
      3. Well colored;
      4. Not overripe;
      5. Not crushed, split, or leaking; and,
      6. Not wet.
    2. Free From:
      1. Attached stems;
      2. Mold;
      3. Decay;
      4. Insects or when there is visible evidence of the presence of insects;
      5. Mummified berries; and,
      6. Clusters.
    3. Free From Damage Caused By:
      1. Shriveling;
      2. Broken skins;
      3. Scars;
      4. Green berries; and,
      5. Other means.
    4. Tolerances as specified in §51.3478 (a) and (b) and applied pursuant to §51.3479.

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