USDA Announces Additional Contracts for the Farmers to Families Food Box Program

July 01, 2020

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved up to $1.27 billion in extended contracts and up to $202 million in new contracts to support American producers and communities through the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program. In this second round of purchases, the program will purchase $512 million in fresh fruits and vegetables, $288 million in a variety of dairy products, $233 million in meat products and $444 million in a combination box of fresh produce, dairy or meat products.

USDA previously announced it would extend contracts of select vendors from the first round of the program. USDA is exercising this option for the next performance period, July 1 - Aug. 30. The decision to extend current contracts and the quantities extended under those contracts were determined based on a variety of factors such as contractor performance on this and other federal contracts, funds availability to the government, and the needs of the government. Additionally, some contracts were not extended at the vendors’ request or reduced based on information provided by the contractor.

USDA approved up to $202 million in new contracts, via a new acquisition activity, with select vendors whose offers were not previously accepted due to various issues in their proposals. These distributors will help direct food to underserved areas and will have an increased focus on Opportunity Zones in order to direct food to reach underserved areas, places where either no boxes have yet been delivered, or where boxes are being delivered but where there is additional need. Original RFP offerors do not need to submit additional or revised information unless asked to do so by the Contracting Officer.

A full, updated list of current suppliers is available on the AMS website. 

In addition to these contracting activities USDA is preparing to announce additional opportunities for new vendors to participate in the program in the weeks to come. USDA is exploring different contracting vehicles available for these additional purchases. Information about this next round of contracting will be made available on the Farmers to Families Food Box Program website at Please monitor the website or subscribe for updates.