AMS Website Works for Specialty Crops Program

In 2015, AMS redesigned its website with the goal of providing a premier informational tool for the agricultural industry. Through careful planning, thoughtful design, and a primary focus on user experience and usability, we've taken the best of government expertise and put it into creating our new website. 

Last year more than 1.7 million people from virtually every country in the world interacted with our website. It didn’t matter whether they were on a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, since we created a completely responsive website. This means what you see on your desktop computer is the same content you'll see on your phone or tablet.

We also rolled out a new communication tool GovDelivery to get notifications about various AMS topics, ranging from blogs to grades and standards to rulemaking. To date more than 120,000 people have signed up for this email service.

Over 20,000 individuals follow the @USDA_AMS Twitter feed. Folks can pose a question and we’re happy to help. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to talk to our team and get the information you need. We recently launched an Instagram account under the same handle @USDA_AMS with the same goal. 

The Specialty Crops Program (SCP) is well represented throughout the AMS site. SCP is using GovDelivery to drive traffic to the website and the individual divisions via email bulletins, webinar invitations, and other announcements that are informing and engaging stakeholders. I urge all USDA customers to consider subscribing to GovDelivery, following us on social media and encourage all the agriculture industry to reference the AMS website as a valued and valuable resource!