Organic Exemption to Research and Promotion Programs

Amendment to Research & Promotion Programs to Exempt Organic Producers
Exempting Organic Producers from Assessment by Research and Promotion Programs 
Docket Number: PY-02-006
Effective: February 14, 2005 
This final rule amends all 17 commodity research and promotion orders and/or rules and regulations to exempt any person receiving and handling solely 100 percent organic products from paying assessments to any research and promotion program administered by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). To obtain an exemption, the person must operate under an approved organic system plan authorized by the National Organic Program (NOP) and produce and market only products that are eligible for a 100 percent organic label under the NOP. A separate final rule to exempt any person producing and marketing solely 100 percent organic products from paying assessments for market promotion activities under certain marketing order programs administered by AMS is also being published in today’s Federal Register.
Angie Snyder, Deputy Director
Research & Promotion Division
Livestock, Poultry & Seed Program, AMS, USDA
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