Specialty Crops Program Newsletter

The Specialty Crops Program Newsletter is an email notification service that the AMS Specialty Crops Program uses to send out program updates to the produce industry. We send an average of 4-8 messages a year on a range of topics related to specialty crops at USDA, including regulatory updates, marketing orders, research & promotion boards and notices about upcoming activities.

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  • February 2018 - we are working to adapt our services to meet your evolving needs and some of our current programs that can help you build markets
  • December 2017 - recruitment efforts, introducing you to a recent intern’s experience in our Marketing Order and Agreement Division (MOAD), and how USDA’s Good Agricultural Program (GAP) helped overcome a challenge in the tea industry
  • October 2017 - SCP’s Market News and inspection services responded during this hurricane season and how SCP is using new technology to provide you with quick, digital access to the Specialty Crops Market News National Retail Report
  • September 2017 - details on USDA Harmonized GAP Audits, you’ll also get a perspective of how a Marketing Order & Agreements (MOAD) Marketing Specialist strives to support a commodity program
  • May 2017 - were pleased to welcome Secretary Sonny Perdue
  • January 2017 - the swiftly growing organic market, FSMA resources and International Trade Data System
  • November 2016 - new GAPs and FSMA training offered by the Produce Safety Alliance
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