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The Specialty Crops Program Newsletter is an email notification service that the AMS Specialty Crops Program uses to send out program updates to the produce industry. We send an average of 4-8 messages a year on a range of topics related to specialty crops at USDA, including regulatory updates, marketing orders, research & promotion boards and notices about upcoming activities.

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  • Specialty Crops Newsletter – September 2023 (govdelivery.com) – SCP has a new name for the industry newsletter, The Specialty Crops Standard.  SCP showcased services that can be used at the click of a button, whether it is the Market News App, the Quality Monitoring Program (QMP), accessing and understanding Market News Reports, or how to request changes to the U.S. Grade Standards.  The Market Development Division explained the ease of providing the e-ballot option for research and promotion board referenda.  The Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC) announced their next scheduled meeting via the Federal Register for November 2, 2023.

  • Specialty Crops Newsletter – May 2023 (govdelivery.com) – USDA’s Hemp eManagement Platform HeLP (Hemp e-learning Platform) launched to manage and submit help information and mandatory reporting which replaces the need to email, mail, or fax information.  SCI and FNS collaborated to implement a pilot program to ensure. Tribal communities and schools receive high-quality USDA fruits and vegetables. 
  • Specialty Crops Newsletter – March 2023 (govdelivery.com) – AMS organizes an in-person Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC) meeting for April 2023.  SCP announces Senior Leadership changes—$ 113 Million in competitive grant funds available to expand and strengthen local and regional food systems.  Barriers were removed to streamline the new vendor process and increase vendor participation.  Specialty Crops Market News introduces new interactive webinar series to showcase the roles and responsibilities of the division.  USDA issued the first national hemp report.            
  • Specialty Crops Newsletter – November 2022 (govdelivery.com) – USDA appoints 25 industry representatives to serve on the Fruit and Vegetable Industry Advisory Committee (FVIAC).  Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) launched.  The deadline has been extended for the Request for Applications (RFA) to December 15, 2022.  Final rule for food traceability announced by FDA.
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