USDA Shell Eggs and Egg Products Purchase Program Announced

August 25, 2017

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced plans to purchase shell eggs and egg products for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programs, including charitable institutions. The purchase will be made under the authority of Section 32 of the Act of August 24, 1935, with the purpose to encourage the continued domestic consumption of these products.

A solicitation will be issued in the near future, and will be available electronically through the Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system. A hard copy of the solicitation will not be available. Public WBSCM information is available without an account on the WBSCM Public Procurement Page.

All future information regarding this acquisition, including solicitation amendments and award notices, will be published through WBSCM, and on the Agricultural Marketing Service's website at Interested parties shall be responsible for ensuring that they have the most up-to-date information about this acquisition. The contract type is anticipated to be firm-fixed price.

Deliveries are expected to range from November 2017 through April 2018, and will be to various locations in the United States on an FOB destination basis.

Pursuant to Agricultural Acquisition Regulation 470.103(b), commodities and the products of agricultural commodities acquired under this contract must be a product of the United States, and shall be considered to be such a product if it is grown, processed, and otherwise prepared for sale or distribution exclusively in the United States. Packaging and container components under this acquisition will be the only portion subject to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement and Free Trade Agreements, as addressed by FAR clause 52.225-5.

Offerors are urged to review all documents related to this program, including the latest

  • AMS Master Solicitation for Commodity Procurements (MSCP), April 12, 2017;
  • Applicable commodity specification(s) identified in the subsequent solicitation(s); and
  • Qualification Requirements for Prospective Contractors Selling Commodities to USDA, March 1, 2017.

These documents are available on the AMS Commodity Procurement website. Sign up for e-mail notification of AMS solicitations, contract awards, and related information by clicking “Stay up to date on USDA Food Purchases” on the website.

To be eligible to submit offers, potential contractors must meet the AMS vendor qualification requirements. The AMS point of contact for new vendors is Andrea Lang, (202) 720-4237 or Details of these requirements are available online at Once qualification requirements have been met, access to WBSCM will be provided. Bids, modifications, withdrawals of bids, and price adjustments shall be submitted using this system. Submission of the above by any means other than WBSCM will be determined nonresponsive.

Inquiries may be directed to the Contract Specialist, Reedema Rock at (202) 720-7059 or via email at

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