USDA Introduces Compliance Options for Certain Meat and Poultry Commodity Products

October 23, 2019

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) today announced that suppliers to federal nutrition assistance programs now can choose between two services to comply with the specifications and technical requirements for production of certain cooked and canned meat and poultry products.  Specifically, these suppliers can choose between the AMS grading and certification service or the AMS audit-based verification service to provide assurance to AMS that the production, processing, and product requirements for these commodities have been met. The option to choose between the grading-based or auditing-based compliance services has been introduced for the products listed below.



WBSCM Material Codes


Canned Beef, Pork, & Stew

100127, 100138, 100139,100526, 111180

Cooked Beef Items (crumbles, patties, taco filling)

100130, 100131, 100132, 100133, 100134, 110264, 110321, 110322, 110711

Cooked Pork Items (crumbles, patties, pulled pork)

100143, 100144, 100145, 100146, 100148, 100149, 100150, 110730

Pork Ham (all types)

100184, 100186, 100187, 100188, 100891


Canned Poultry (all types)

100877, 110477, 110940

Turkey Ham (all types)

100126, 100886, 110911

Turkey Deli-Style (all types)

100121, 100122, 100884, 110554, 110903, 110904, 110910

For more information, please contact David Bowden, Chief, Standards Branch, Quality Assessment Division and Acting Director, Food Safety and Commodity Specification Division, Livestock and Poultry Program at or at (202) 690-3148.

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