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Online PACA Training  
To be successful in the fast-paced fruit and vegetable industry, you need a clear understanding of contract terms and your legal rights and responsibilities. You need to know the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, or PACA, the law that enforces fair-trade practices in the produce industry. Failing to understand and comply with the provisions of the law can put your business at a competitive disadvantage.


Our free Internet-based training course covers the basic information you need to operate within the PACA. In addition to learning about your rights and responsibilities, you’ll increase your understanding of trade terms, payment requirements, interpretation of Federal inspection certificates, and much more. The course is divided into 10 units, and each unit can be completed in less than one hour. After reviewing the material for each unit, you can take the on-line test and get immediate feedback on what you’ve learned. What’s more, you can take each of the 10 courses and tests any time you wish at your own convenience. Once you’ve satisfactorily completed all ten units, you’ll receive email notification that you have successfully completed the course. If you like, you can have a copy of the notification sent to your employer as well. We recommend that you repeat the course every 2 to 3 years to ensure that you stay up-to-date on changes to PACA and how they may affect your business dealings.


The training will provide you with valuable information on your rights and responsibilities and will help you operate within the requirements of the law. Your employer can also be assured that you have a solid foundation in PACA, which will make you a more valuable employee. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • The difference between a Price After Sale transaction and a Consignment
  • How to make a claim for damages in the event of a breach of contract
  • How to preserve and enforce PACA trust rights
  • How to interpret an inspection certificate
  • When to expect payment
  • What constitutes a proper rejection of produce, and the consequences of acceptance

And much, much more . . .


Access any one of the course units listed below to discover a quick and convenient way to learn about your rights and responsibilities under the PACA.

*NOTE* All new users accessing the testing area are required to register their email address and assign themselves a password. This will allow a user to return to the testing area and complete any tests not completed upon registration. Once a user successfully passes all tests, he/she will receive a congratulatory letter from the PACA via email. That letter may also be emailed to the user's employer/supervisor if he/she chooses.


  Last Modified Date: 07/10/2008