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National Organic Program
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National Organic Program
Getting Involved  
Become involved in the organic community:

The ability for any person to petition to amend the National List is authorized by the OFPA (7 U.S.C. 6518(n)) and the NOP regulations, in 205.607. This authorization provides that any person may petition the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) for the purpose of having a substance evaluated by the NOSB for recommendation to the Secretary for inclusion on or removal from the National List.

Any person may file a complaint if he or she believes a violation of the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 or its implementing regulations has occurred or is about to occur.

NOSB Policy for Public Comment at NOSB Meetings:
1. All persons wishing to comment at NOSB meetings during public comment periods must sign up in advance per the instructions in the Federal Register Notice for the Meeting.

2. All presenters are encouraged to submit public comment in writing according to the Federal Register Notice. Advance submissions allow NOSB members the opportunity to read comments in advance electronically, and decrease the need for paper copies to be distributed during the meeting.

3. Persons will be called upon to speak in the order they sign up. Persons called upon who are absent from the room could potentially miss their opportunity for public comment.

4. Each person will be given 5 minutes to speak, unless otherwise indicated by the Chair.

5. Persons must give their names and affiliations for the record at the beginning of their public comment.

6. A person may submit a written proxy to the NOP or NOSB requesting that another person speak on his or her behalf.

7. No person will be allowed to speak during the public comment period for more than 10 minutes, unless otherwise indicated by the Chair.

8. Individuals providing public comment will refrain from any personal attacks and from remarks that otherwise impugn the character of any individual.

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  Last Modified Date: 02/05/2010