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National Organic Program
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National Organic Program
Current NOSB Members  


Farmers / Growers
Colehour J. Bondera (term ends January 2016)
Nicholas Maravell (term ends January 2016)
Carmela Beck (term ends January 2017)
Ashley Swaffar (term ends January 2020)


Environmentalists / Resource Conservationists
Tracy Favre (term ends January 2017)
Francis Thicke (term ends January 2018)
Paula Daniels (term ends January 2020)


Consumer / Public Interest Advocates
Jennifer Taylor (term ends January 2016)
C. Reuben Walker (term ends January 2016)
Jean Richardson (term ends January 2017)


Handlers / Processors
Harold Austin (term ends January 2017)
Tom Chapman (term ends January 2020)


Lisa de Lima (term ends January 2020)

Scientist (Toxicology, Ecology, or Biochemistry)
Zea Sonnabend (term ends January 2017)


USDA Accredited Certifying Agent
Robert (Mac) Stone (term ends January 2016)



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  Last Modified Date: 01/26/2015