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Research and Promotion Programs
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Research and Promotion Programs
Federal Research and Promotion Programs  
Commodity research and promotion programs, also known as checkoff programs, are established under Federal law at the request of their industries. Checkoff programs are funded by the industries themselves, with the goal to increase the success of the businesses and farmers that produce and sell certain commodities.

These programs allow farmers, ranchers and other stakeholders to pool their funds and develop a coordinated program of research, promotion and consumer information to improve, maintain and develop markets for their products. They also yield many additional benefits for public health and nutrition, local and global economies, as well as humanitarian efforts.

Each research and promotion program is administered by a board or committee. Find out how you can shape the future of agriculture by serving on a research and promotion board.


Current Research and Promotion Programs

Diversity on Research and Promotion Boards  
For R&P programs to be successful in leading and advancing American agriculture, it is essential that their board members reflect the full diversity of American agriculture.


  • View a short video featuring representatives from the National Mango Board, National Dairy Board, National Pork Board, National Watermelon Board, and the Cotton Board.

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  Last Modified Date: 12/17/2014