Ocean Shipping Container Availability Report (OSCAR)

Note to OSCAR readers:

Publication of OSCAR has been temporarily suspended. The recent dissolution of the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement and the announced merger of MOL, NYK Line, and K Line have reduced the number of participating ocean carriers providing data to AMS to a level that would not maintain confidentiality. Publication will resume if voluntary participation increases enough to maintain confidentiality and provide ample information to produce reliable data for U.S. agricultural exporters and carriers.

This report provides a weekly snapshot of the availability of marine shipping containers at 18 different intermodal locations for the westbound transpacific trade lanes. The data shows the availability for five types of equipment, including 20 and 40 ft dry, 20 and 40 ft refrigerated, and 40 ft high cube containers, and provides estimates of equipment availability for the current week and projections two weeks out. The data are voluntarily provided to AMS by five ocean container carriers.