Exporter Assistance Resources

Export My Product

Exporting is more than just locating a buyer and making the sale. Getting the product to your overseas customer in the best condition, on time, and at the most reasonable cost is also an integral part of the export process and can turn new customers into repeat customers. The Transportation Services Division provides transportation market reports, logistics publications, and technical assistance for agricultural shippers navigating the complexities of the export process. Though many exporters work directly with ocean common carriers and government regulatory agencies to export their products, new and small to medium sized companies may find it helpful to use third parties such as ocean freight brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries (ocean freight forwarders or non-vessel-operating common carriers), or shippers’ associations to help find their way through the logistics and reporting requirements of the export process.

Outreach Activities and Workshops:

Seminars and workshops for new and experienced exporters are held in conjunction with agricultural trade groups, State associations, and other groups. These seminars provide a fundamental understanding of the transportation options, cost factors, and technical considerations associated with export transportation of high-valued and value-added agricultural products. Agricultural exports must meet the specific requirements of the importing countries. Compliance with labeling and regulatory requirements and a realistic understanding of their transportation and distribution systems are a must.

Key Publications