International Procurement and Sales

The Commodity Procurement Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service issues invitations to the public to purchase commodities and related durable goods. Below are links for more details on how to qualify to make offers under the various categories.

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)

The goal of QASP is to provide Government surveillance of the contractor's/subcontractor's quality control system, to verify the system's effectiveness, and to ascertain the contractor's ability to deliver product meeting contract requirements. Quality Assurance Surveillance is used to determine contractor compliance with technical and performance requirements. Download a sample quality assurance surveillance checklist, to be used by Commodity Procurement COR's verifying compliance with FAR Clause 52.246-11.

Bulk Commodities provides information about purchasing and selling of bulk commodities, such as grains, rice, pulses, peanuts and sugar.

Packaged Commodities

Qualified Bidders List (xls)