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How to Become an Application Reviewer

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking subject matter experts as peer reviewers to objectively evaluate grant applications against the published criteria in its competitive grant programs’ Requests for Applications (RFA). Reviewers are chosen based on their knowledge, education, and experience related to the agriculture sector as well as any other criteria based on the requirements mentioned in the RFA that the applicants must respond to.

AMS implements three competitively bid grant programs, which include the:

The review process involves a series of peer review panels that consist of three application reviewers. Peer review panels evaluate each proposal assigned to them using instructions prepared by AMS officials. Individual reviewers evaluate and score their assigned proposals and then confer with other team members to derive a consensus score. The consensus review serves as the basis for awarding and allocating grant funds and focuses on strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.

Each reviewer must sign and submit a conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement with their application and for each fiscal year they participate as an application reviewer.

All interested professionals working in or have knowledge of the agriculture sector are invited to apply to become an application reviewer. Please follow the instructions for submitting a reviewer application mentioned in the grant program’s Reviewer Application Forms.

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