Standardizing Commercial Inspections

Practical Procedures for Grain Handlers

FGIS, States, and official inspection agencies provide official inspection and weighing service to the domestic and export grain trade. However, not everyone can or should always have their grain officially inspected. To ensure that producers are treated uniformly in delivering grain, FGIS developed practical and cost-effective procedures for conducting commercial inspections of grain with respect to the application of quality factors, that result in premiums and discounts. The procedures are available to country elevators and others making first-point-of-delivery inspections on our eBook page.

ELearning and Visual Aids

FGIS provides a wide range of eLearning courses, videos, and visual aids for grain handlers and producers who want to learn more about inspecting grain. FGIS also provides information on the proper use of sampling and inspection equipment, application of the grain standards, and availability of official inspection services.

National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)

To promote greater uniformity in commercial grain inspection results, FGIS works in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), States, and the private sector to:

  • identify inspection instruments requiring standardization;
  • establish performance criteria for commercial grain inspection instruments;
  • develop a national program to approve grain inspection instruments for commercial inspection; and
  • develop standard reference materials or other means necessary for calibration or testing of approved instruments.

FGIS's Technology and Science Division in Kansas City, Missouri, serves as the sole NTEP laboratory for grain inspection equipment. Additional information on the NTEP program, including application forms for NTEP testing, are available at the National Conference on Weights and Measures website.

Rapid Test Kit Evaluation Program (TKE)

Since the early 1990's FGIS has responded to the need for fast, reliable testing for mycotoxins in grains and oilseeds. Since the program's inception, the needs of the industry have changed and testing expanded to include additional mycotoxins as well as biotechnology-derived traits in grains and oilseeds. Currently, the program certifies rapid test kits for the quantitative determination of aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, fumonisin, ochratoxin, zearalenone, and qualitative determination of numerous biotechnology derived traits.

Biotechnology Proficiency Program

To help meet the market’s need for reliable testing, FGIS offers a Proficiency Program for testing of biotechnology-derived grains and oilseeds. The purpose of this program is to help those organizations testing for biotechnology-derived grains and oilseeds improve their testing capability and reliability. Through this program, FGIS is improving the overall performance of testing for biotechnology-derived grains and oilseeds.