Official Service Providers Under the USGSA

The official grain inspection and weighing system is a unique partnership comprised of Federal, State, and private partners serving customers across the Nation. Our State and private partners are authorized by FGIS to provide official inspection and weighing services to the domestic and export grain trade on our behalf. Specifically, FGIS delegates qualified State agencies to inspect and weigh grain at certain U.S. export port locations; and designates qualified State and private agencies to inspect and weigh grain at interior locations.

FGIS licenses all State and private agency personnel who perform official inspection and weighing services, and oversees our official partners and the system at large.

Every official service provider operates under uniform, official U.S. grain standards and procedures. That means that while the composition of the official system is diverse, its results are not. Every customer - whether on the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Midwest, or the Pacific Northwest - receives consistent, accurate service.

Delegation and Designation

The Delegation/Designation Program. Under the U.S. Grain Standards Act, as amended (USGSA):

  • Delegated States may provide mandatory official grain inspection, weighing, and scale testing services at export port locations within their respective State. Delegated States are reevaluated and recertified every 5 years in accordance with the Act.
  • Designated State agencies and designated private agencies (i.e., official agencies) may perform permissive official grain inspection and/or weighing services at domestic locations under designations awarded up to a 5-year period.

You can rely on FGIS's programs and services. We are committed to continuously improving customer service to all segments of the market, from farmers, grain handlers, processors, and exporters to international buyers, to best facilitate the marketing of U.S. grain.

Fee Schedules

Fees are charged to applicants for those official services provided by delegated States, and designated official agencies. Such fees are evaluated to determine if they are reasonable and nondiscriminatory, before they are approved. See FGIS Directive 9100.7.

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