Dairy Donation Program Retroactive Reimbursements

If an eligible dairy organization (EDO) made dairy product donations to non-profit organizations beginning January 1, 2020, those donations may be eligible to receive retroactive reimbursements.

  • The EDO will need to go through the process of forming a partnership and submitting a Dairy Donation and Distribution Plan (Plan) and Eligible Distributor Certification Form (Certification Form) required for partnership approval.
  • The EDO will need to provide appropriate documentation for all reimbursement claims.
  • The deadline for submitting claims for retroactive reimbursement is March 1, 2022.
  • The total funding amount allotted for retroactive reimbursements made from January 1, 2020 to December 27, 2020, the date Congress passed the law establishing the Dairy Donation Program (DDP), is limited to $50 million dollars.
  • All retroactive reimbursement claims for this time period (January 1 - December 27, 2020) will be processed simultaneously after the March 1, 2022, deadline. If they collectively exceed $50 million, reimbursement rates will be prorated accordingly.
  • EDOs can still file claims from December 28th onward, and the $50 million cap will not apply.