Commodity Specifications for Dairy Products Eligible for the Dairy Donation Program

The Dairy Donation Program (DDP) is intended to facilitate dairy product donations and reduce food waste. All eligible dairy products donated under the DDP must meet minimum food safety and quality standards and in package sizes desired by eligible distributors. Eligible dairy organizations must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, executive orders, and rules and regulations related to its performance under this program.

In addition, to qualify under the program eligible dairy products must:

  1. Be made primarily from cow’s (bovine) milk produced in the United States;
  2. Be packaged in consumer-sized packaging. Examples of consumer-sized packaging include, but are not limited to, gallons of milk, 1-pound blocks of cheese, single serve containers of yogurt, or 1-pound packages of butter;
  3. Meet the applicable provisions for dairy products in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 301 et. seq.), as amended. Grade ‘A’ dairy products shall meet the applicable provisions of the current edition of the Pasteurized Milk ordinance; and
  4. Have a sell-by, best-by, or use-by date no sooner than 12 days from the date the eligible dairy product is delivered to the eligible distributor.