Qualified Through Verification Program

QTV is a voluntary quality assurance program that facilitates the manufacturing and distributing of wholesome and safe fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, and related products.

The QTV provides a dynamic approach for identifying process deficiencies before and during production rather than after production has completed.  USDA professionals validate a company’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan and Prerequisite Programs through on-site audits to verify their effectiveness. Performance levels determine the frequency of audits. These audits help your company maintain strong processes and verify their effectiveness. USDA’s QTV program offers a recognizable shield that can be used on a product package.

To apply for fruit and vegetable auditing services, contact the SCI Division, Audit Services Branch at:

Telephone: (202) 720-5021
Fax: (866) 230-9168
Email: SCAudits@ams.usda.gov

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