Asa Bradman

University of California in Berkeley, Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health Berkeley, CA
Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation Representative
January, 2017 – January, 2022

Asa Bradman is an environmental health scientist and expert in exposure assessment and epidemiology focusing on occupational and environmental exposures to pregnant women, children, and farmworkers living in agricultural communities. He is Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health (CERCH) in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and also helps lead an initiative to improve environmental quality in California child care facilities.  Over the last 30 years he has worked on many issues addressing health in rural communities, including investigations of childhood cancer, pesticide exposure, housing quality, and as an investigator in the CHAMACOS Study, a community/university partnership investigating pesticide and other environmental exposures and health impacts in pregnant women and their children living in the Salinas Valley. 

Asa participates in extensive community outreach and education and interfaces with other scientists, state and federal agencies, policy makers, industry, and the general public.  He is a Continuing Education provider for licensed pest management professionals serving California schools and childcare facilities and was awarded the California Department of Pesticide Regulation IPM Innovators Award for training programs promoting reduced risk pest management in child care centers.  He is Chair of the California Biomonitoring Scientific Guidance Panel (appointed by Governors Schwarzenegger (2007) and Brown (2013)).  Since 2014 he has participated on the Board of The Organic Center.

Asa is a life-long gardener and for several years operated a small business providing custom fruit tree grafting and propagation.  Early jobs included harvesting grapefruit and apples for export on conventional farms, providing labor for chicken operations on a kibbutz, and managing produce for a small grocery store.

Asa holds a BS in Conservation and Resource Studies, an MS in Energy and Resources, and a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences.