Purchasing Visual Aids

Visual Reference Images (VRI) are used to ensure consistent and uniform application of grading lines and illustrate types of damage in conjunction with written descriptions.

The VRI are available for online viewing in our Visual Reference Library and can be downloaded from our eBook Library. Printed versions are also available for purchase. Our Commercial Inspection Visual Aid Catalog (pdf) lists the products available.

Customers in the United States can purchase most of the products in this catalog from FGIS. Training mats must be purchased from our supplier using the “Purchase Direct from the Vendor” link in the product description.

U.S. customers can place an order by contacting Ruth Goff at:

(816) 891-0499 or Ruth.R.Goff@ams.usda.gov

Many products can also be ordered directly from our suppliers for shipping worldwide using the “Purchase Direct from the Vendor”link in the product description. There is no minimum order for purchases from the vendor.

Some of our products are also available from Seedburo Equipment Company.

The mention of firm names, trade products or images does not imply that they are endorsed solely by the United States Department of Agriculture over other firms of similar products not mentioned or shown.