FGIS 945 - Application for Registration

Persons Required to Register:

Any person who buys, handles, weighs or transports grain for sale in foreign commerce in excess of 15,000 metric tons in the preceding or current calendar year must register unless otherwise exempted by Section 17A of the United States Grain Standards Act. Persons required to register include, but are not limited to:

a. Any grain elevator, warehouse, or other handling facility that loads or ships any bulk or sacked grain in a final carrier or container in which the grain is to be transported from the United States (applicants with more than one such facility need only register once) or,

b. Any person who acquires ownership of grain thereafter directly exports such grain or causes such grain to be directly exported from the United States without further handling of such grain by a grain elevator, warehouse, or other grain storage or handling facility.

View the FGIS Form 945 (pdf)