Food Value Chain Reports

Food value chains & food hubs represent an innovative business model in which agricultural producers, manufacturers, buyers, and other related supply chain actors form collaborative, transparent partnerships that attempt to combine product differentiation strategies with commitment to shared operational values and social mission goals.  Below are reports, articles and presentations with more insight into this area of agriculture & local economies.

Date Titlesort ascending Author
01/16 Why Local Food Matters: Views from the National Landscape Debra Tropp, USDA AMS
01/12 The Influence of Agency Policy on the Development of Local Food Systems Dave Shipman, USDA AMS
01/12 Show Me the Money: Business Planning for Farmer Markets Lynda Brushett Ph.D. Cooperative Development Institute
09/11 Results of Dot Survey USDA Outdoor Farmers Market Edward Ragland, USDA Economist
01/12 Regional Food Hubs: Understanding the Scope & Scale of Food Hub Operations Jim Barham, USDA AMS
01/12 Regional Food Hubs: Linking Producers to New Markets Errol Bragg, USDA AMS; Jim Barham, USDA AMS
09/12 Regional Food Hubs and Food Value Chains: Improving Market Access for Local Producers Through Innovative Distribution Jim Barham and Debra Tropp, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service; Carolyn Dimitri, New York University
07/16 Practitioner’s Guide to Conducting an Economic Impact Todd M. Schmit, Becca B.R. Jablonski, and David Kay
06/14 Networking Across the Supply Chain: Transportation Innovations in Local and Regional Food Systems Lindsey Day-Farnsworth, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies; Michelle Miller, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
01/12 Marketing the Farmers' Market Lynda Brushett, Ph.D. Cooperative Development Institute