AMS-GD-2020-8 - FGIS Program Notices

The contents of this web page do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. The following is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.

FGIS-PN-99-7 - Revised File Retention Schedule for Licensing Records (pdf) 03/22/1999 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-02-01 - Bulk Identity-Preserved Inspection Plan (pdf) 1/08/2002 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-03-03 - Walk-Through Safety Inspections at Grain Elevators (pdf) 09/05/2003 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-03-06 - Issuance Retention Policy (pdf) 09/04/2003 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-08-01 - Inspection Certificate Updates (pdf) 11/12/2007 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-08-03 - Additional Parameters for Automated Monitoring and Supervision of Official Weighing (pdf) 02/06/2008 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-08-07 - Reporting Insect-Damaged Kernel Results Based on a Stage 2 Decision in IDW (pdf) 05/09/2008 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-10-03 - Additional Parameters for Automated Monitoring and Supervision of Official Weighing (pdf) 10/19/2009 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-14-04 - Approval of New Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Instruments (pdf) 11/21/2013 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-14-05 - Transition to New Standard Carrier Weights Beginning February 1, 2014 (pdf) 01/14/2014 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-15-02 - Visual Reference Image Interpretive Line Prints (pdf) 9/24/2015 TSD

FGIS-PN-17-02 - FGIS-930, AMA Output Report (pdf) 5/23/2017 FMD-OD

FGIS-PN-17-04 - Approval of New Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) Instrument (pdf) 09/11/2017 TSD

FGIS-PN-18-02 - Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) Procedures For Foss Infratec Nova (pdf) 11/14/2017 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-18-03 - Approval of Formica 920-58 Almond Laminate Work Surface (pdf) 12/28/2017 TSD

FGIS-PN-18-05 - Soybean Systems Approach: Sampling and Testing Working Group Weed Seed Survey Protocol (pdf) 09/29/2018 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-18-06 - Sample Collection Responsibilities for Verifying the Accuracy of Moisture Meter Calibrations Crop Year 2018 (pdf) 5/16/2018 TSD

FGIS-PN-18-07 - Examination of Audit Trails of Scales Used for Official Weighing (pdf) FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-19-01 - National Export Soybean Sample Collection Plan (pdf) 10/11/2018 FMD-PPMAB

FGIS-PN-19-02 - Sample Collection for Wheat Exported to Japan (pdf) 12/11/2018 TSD

FGIS-PN-19-03 - is Ordering Plastic Bags, Coin Envelopes, Spear Envelopes, Plastic Quart bottles, and Plastic Cable Ties (pdf) 03/20/2019

FGIS-PN-19-04 - Inspection of Flood Damaged Grain (pdf) 04/12/2019

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