FGISonline: How To Manage Your Data

What will the Customer Information Management program do for you?

You can use this program to:

Get a Customer Number. To use FGISonline, you must have a customer number. Your customer number allows you to view and manage your inspection and weighing data, and use online programs, including those that let you apply for authorization to be an official service provider, and register as a grain exporter.

You must provide your customer number to your official service providers; and your official service providers must include your customer number on any record that you may want to access from national Inspection Data Warehouse.

Set Up Access to Your Customer Number. If you work for a company, you can set up your user number to allow different levels of access for your employees and subsidiaries. The first user who creates a customer number for an organization automatically becomes the primary point of contact, or information manager, for your company

Set Up or Modify Your Customer List. As the point of contact for a customer number, you can view and modify information about your company, including the point of contact, address, preferences, authorized users, and access to data.

Manage and Search for Your Records. You can set up how you search for and view your specific customer records, e.g., whether you want to view individual records or download multiple records into a Microsoft Excel file. The search function only will show the user the customer records to which he/she has been granted access by the point of contact, or in the case of individual users, to their own data.

Using the preferences option for a customer number, you can have inspection data which is associated with that customer number e-mailed to your desktop automatically twice daily. This option is limited to the primary point of contact and owner of the customer number.

Request Access to an Existing Customer Number. Other individuals can request access to a customer number. You should only grant access to people within your company that you want to have access to the company’s records.

Share Information with Your Customers. Your customers do not need a customer number from FGIS. They can see their specific records if they know their certificate number, date of service, and identification of the carrier, lot, or sample.

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