FGIS Certification

  1. In what instances should the special grade (High Moisture, Ergoty, Infested, Thin, etc) be on the grade and kind/commodity line of the certificate? What if it was a factor only sample and no numerical grade is given, would we just have the factor and result (moisture, ergot, thin, etc) for the special grade on the cert in the results section with nothing regarding the special grade on the kind/commodity line? Are the rules the same for USGSA vs AMA?

    Special Grades are supplemental to the grade assigned.  So without a grade there cannot be a special grade assigned.  A Special Grade needs to be placed on the grade line if only there is a grade.  The factor that made it special grade is placed in the results section. 

    In an instance when a factor only is requested, the factor result is placed in the results section.  Only the Kind and Class is placed on the grade line, for example ‘Yellow corn’ or ‘Hard Red Winter wheat’.   In the remarks section you can show other information that is requested by the applicant, such as dockage, subclass, special grades.  You would state, for example, special grade infested like this if requested:

    “Based on the examination of a probe sample, the grain was found infested as defined in the Official U.S. Standards for Grain.”


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