FGISonline: Equipment Capability Testing

The Equipment Capability Testing program application automates FGIS’s nationwide program for testing and verifying the accuracy of equipment used to officially test the quality of grain and related products. The program houses electronic data on the performance and location of each piece of covered equipment in the national inspection and weighing system; automates the equipment testing process; and immediately notifies official service providers of equipment performance. ECT greatly speeds and streamlines the process of checktesting official inspection and weighing equipment and provides users with fast, accurate, and consistent feedback.

What will this application do for you?

The Equipment Capability Testing will speed the equipment checktesting process for all official service providers. Users will be able to:

  • Enter checktest results and get real-time feedback on the Pass/Fail status of the test,
  • Receive e-mail notification when samples are created and shipped to inspection locations,
  • View and edit equipment inventory listings and add new equipment from the Approved Equipment List,
  • Track the status of equipment in service and create reports on demand, and
  • Quickly and easily access all equipment checktesting records electronically..

Types of Equipment Included in ECT:

Barley Pearlers
Dockage Machines
Falling Number Apparatus
Hand Sieves
Hopper Scales
Laboratory Scales
Mechanical Diverter Samplers
Moisture Meters
Mycotoxin Test Kits
Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) equipment
Rice Millers and Shellers
Railroad Track Scales
Vehicle and Commodity Scales

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